This was disappointing.

I was hoping I would find a high quality SEO consultancy who were ready to take on esports clients. Maybe a site which talked about marketing and then explained how esports teams could leverage upon SEO to better their awareness and branding. Then maybe a forum with recent chatter about how to apply SEO with esports. I was not fulfilled. Esports has grown massively and SEO has also.

What to take away from Esports SEO as a query.

This is a big head term which can mean a lot of things. A lot of content aiming at Esports SEO can range from consultancies, discussions and what it actually is. Here’s a couple of points I came up with;

  • What is esports SEO.
  • News about esports and the combination of SEO.
  • Discussions about esports SEO with people.
  • Digital Marketing which does SEO and includes how to do it for Esports.

Content within this query had to be about Esports SEO. It didn’t matter what context it was about because the term is that big. I expected to see content hubs about SEO and Esports but this wasn’t present. Therefore I’m in the thinking that there is a big opportunity for me.

SEO helps with getting people known for the right reasons. Simple and easy. This should be something all esports teams should be looking at. I personally believe people are missing out on it and currently there isn’t any great content which covers this query. Therefore I feel I will look to take on this term and become the best result possible.

How am I going to do that?

To secure the Esports SEO term, the strategy is simple. Take the points I just talked about and incorporate it into ColdboltSEO.

  • Make a content hub about what is Esports SEO
    • Explain what Esports SEO is and what it contrives upon it.
    • How esports players can look to better SEO themselves and why they should.
    • What esports teams have got to gain from adding SEO to their marketing mix.
  • Active discussion about what Esports SEO is and how it affects us today in 2018/2019.
    • I’ll probably do this on Reddit and link a couple of my posts on businesses/teams which could take advantage of it.
    • Partake in conversations to better cement my authority upon the subject.
  • Critique Esports teams and businesses about their SEO endeavors if any.
    • Check how well an esports team does in SEO.
    • Suggest what they could do to better their SEO.
    • Explain why it would better their SEO and their business (SEO is there to help you).
  • Become an SEO consultancy in the future for Esports
    • I want to work for Esports teams/businesses in the future to better their SEO.
    • It’s another aspect of Esports SEO which connects me to the term.

All of these suggestions have something to do with Esports SEO. I’d like ColdboltSEO to be the place all about SEO within the Esports sector and also businesses which have something to do with gaming. Business wise, the suggestions help make ColdboltSEO the place for SEO information and Esports. This also works to make ColdboltSEO more synonymous with Esports SEO. By giving search engines like Google, all the reasons to believe ColdboltSEO is the best place for this type of information, the results for Esports SEO will hopefully be captured by ColdboltSEO in the future.


This research allowed me to figure out how good my content had to be and the range of content I could talk about. Learning that discussions are important and the lack of good content available, instead of working on longer terms and capturing them first, I’m aiming to do a comprehensive strategy to help develop the query to my benefit.